NMIS - Features
Last updated 21 June 2001

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The following is a list of NMIS features.  This is by no means comprehensive but provides and idea of what NMIS can do.


  • The entire network is summarised into a single metric, which indicates reachability, availability and health of all network devices being managed by NMIS.
  • Summary page for entire network with reachability, availability, health, response time metrics.
  • Summary pages of devices including device information, health graph, and interface summary.
  • Can be distributed across multiple "polling servers" by using included programs.
  • Policy based event and escalation.

Performance and Fault

  • Integrated Fault and Performance Management.
  • Color coded events, status for at a glance interpretation.
  • Graphing of Interface, CPU, Memory stats for Cisco Routers and Switches.
  • Graphs can be drilled into.
  • Graphs produced on the fly.
  • Graphs can have varying lengths from 2hours to 1 year.
  • Interface statistics are returned in Utilisation and/or bits per second.
  • Response time graphed and metrics for health and availability generated from statistics collected.
  • Threshold engine which send alerts on certain thresholds.
  • Escalation subsystem based on device groups which provides a great deal of granularity.
  • Varying event levels for different device types.
  • Alert events are issued for device down or interface down.
  • Event levels are set according to how important the device is.
  • Events are "State full" including thresholds, meaning that an event is only issued once. 
  • Notification engine can be expanded to handle any "command line" notification method, including email, paging, signs, speakers, etc.
  • Integrated logging facility to view NMIS events and syslog messages.
  • A list of current events is available and there is an escalation level and time the event has been active.
  • Event logging
  • Outage time calculated for each down event
  • Planned outages can be put in so alerts are not issued


  • Find function which searches interface information for node name, interface name, description, type, IP address, for matching interfaces.
  • Interface information includes IP address information.
  • Dynamic handling of ifIndex changes and difficult SNMP interface handling
  • Checking of changes to device details.
  • NMIS stores contacts and location information which links to the SNMP sysContact and sysLocation MIBS.
  • Produces DNS and Host records from the collected IP addressing information
  • Produces DNS LOC records for "visible" traceroute utilities.


  • Reports for utilisation, outages, etc
  • Snapshot and dynamic reporting for metrics on all devices and groups of devices.